1-9-16 Run Down

Pass It On - Fire Training

1.Watching the Roof for Changing Conditions during Operations

2. CAN or PPN? Status Report Options

“Just like anything else, whichever you choose to use, lay out clear expectations to make sure everyone’s on the same page, then train on it and actually use it.”

3. Tactical Fire Problem- House Fire

4. Leadership Language- Apparatus

5. I’m Sorry What Did you Say??? 

“You can be “salty” (yes that’s still a good thing), without “looking” the role, by simply letting your actions speak louder than your appearance or attitude. You know the right things to do (wear your mask, take a shower when you get back, wash your gear regularly, no gear in the living space and wash your uniforms separate for other items), so do the right thing for you and your family.”

6. Ground Ladder Tips…

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Fever Phobia


Here’s a link to an interesting article on the pathophysiology, and more importantly, the significance of febrile illnesses.

Science-Based Medicine – Fever Phobia

Many people are terrified of fever, especially in children, with no real justification.  The key takeaways are that you should only worry about elevated temperatures if your patient

  • Has a neurological malformation of the hypothalamaus; or
  • Has suffered environmental hypothermia; or
  • Is taking certain uncommon medications which can inhibit temperature regulation

For everyone else, relax!  Fever is a normal part of the healing process. There is no need to interfere in this natural process unless the patient is unreasonably pained or uncomfortable.

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