Dear Chief Salka,


An Open Letter to Battalion Chief John Salka, FDNY(ret)
Reference recent interview critique of “Hitting it Hard from the Yard”


Chief Salka,

I recently watched a short television spot that starred you. The piece highlighted some concerns you have with the seemingly mindless adoption of “new” fire suppression techniques. I watched your spot, read the transcripts and was indeed compelled to write you a letter.

You are right. “It certainly is a lot easier and a lot safer to be out there than inside,” and if that is where the story ended all of your other points would be immediately validated. And you are right when you say, speaking of the researchers, “They set all these beautiful controlled conditions up, do an experiment and then write down with their little pencils the results and say, `look what happened. Look what happened. Look what happened…” I start this letter by…

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