Ed Theory Made Practical: Modal Model of Memory

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(From the E-i-C: The background to this 10 part series is here.  We need your comments / peer review to make this primer on education theory better.   We will acknowledge your contribution in the forthcoming eBook.)

Modal Model of Memory

Authors: Sylvia Alden, MD; Rachel Dahms, MD; Emily Rose, MD

Editor: Michael Gottlieb, MD, RDMS

Modal Model of Memory
Main Authors or Originators:

Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin

Other important authors:

Alan Baddeley

Part 1:  The Hook
Joan is a second year Emergency Medicine resident with severe test anxiety. She consistently struggled with passing her examinations in medical school, which frustrated her, as she was always able to memorize things quickly. Throughout college and medical school, she would study by cramming for hours the night before an exam. She often would perform well on small quizzes with this approach, but always struggled with her final exams. She wants…

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